How you can benefit from a positive life

A positive life means a positive past, present and future.

While you might not be able to change the things that happen, you do have plenty of influence over your own perception of events.

And since becoming a more positive leader is all about making small changes for lasting improvement, your approach to your past, your present and your future might just determine whether your business survives or thrives on the other side of this pandemic.

So how do you do it?

positive life

Positivity about the past

Little though we may like to admit it, the experiences we have gone through in the past have a huge influence on our current being.

The past informs our perceptions of current events and, as you would expect, the more negative experiences we have behind us, the more we will bring that negativity into our present.

That is why it is so crucial as business leaders and CEOs that we set about tidying up our memories for a positive life. Psychologists focus on two particular areas that do indeed help patients make progress where they thought it might not have been possible. Both are worth anyone’s attention if they are serious about getting themselves into a positive state in the present.

Forgiveness and gratitude each have many associations with endless benefits that can help you get out from under the negative influence of bad memories, and even increase your energy levels, lower your risk of anxiety and motivate you too.

Positivity about the present

Indeed, being in a positive state is so beneficial for business leaders aiming to get the most out of their teams, and who want to lead a happier personal life.

When your unconscious expectation is that the world will present you with positive things, you prime yourself for opportunity and tend to home in on the positive life around you.

To live your life this way, you should start by looking for the best in every situation; no matter what sort of situation it is. Savour achievements, take time to project positive thoughts onto things as they happen (even challenges), and use language to further prime yourself for positivity.

Self-talk is a wonderful resource for conditioning yourself to become the most positive version of yourself. With positive self-talk, you can take control of your present and your future, denying your environment the opportunity to randomly program you.

The more positive your language, the more positive your mind. So by intervening in the things you think, the things you say about yourself, and the things you think about the world, you will work wonders.

By cutting out throwaway comments and negative triggers, and replacing words like “problem” with “opportunity”, you will better prime yourself for positivity and success. Even upgrading your stock response to the standard daily “how are you?” question helps!

positive life

Positivity about the future

You know you have become a true optimist when you realise that you are expecting positive outcomes every moment of every day.

By choosing to describe future events in positive terms, and by taking time to consider how to get through any obstacles you might foresee, you will give yourself a much better chance at experiencing success and wellbeing in your present.

In this way, reframing your future is just as significant as reframing your past.

What challenges do you foresee now that regulations are changing and the economy’s wheels are starting to turn once more? And how are you going to view them? Get in touch to let us know.