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“The results of the programme more than met my expectations.

GKP achieved a very precise match between our issue, their diagnosis, and the intervention’s design.

They materially increased general levels of positivity and engagement, and got people to take ownership of the need for leadership and solutions rather than holding others responsible.”

Jakob Kraglund

Country Managing Director, Accenture

“GKP has made enormous impact on our culture, and the attitude, creativeness and innovation of our people.

I highly recommend them for the excellence of their personal development, and the long-lasting change they produce.”

Lionel Poisson

R&D General Manager & Director, NEC Technology

“I have worked with Graham on 3 occasions within my business. The positive results he has had with key members of my team have been without doubt one of the most significant contributors to the successful growth of the company.

If you want people to genuinely strive for the best they can be, then I think that the programmes run by GKP provide the framework and tools/techniques to achieve this, delivered in an inspiring and highly motivational way..”

Lionel Grant

Managing Director, Bennett Architectural Aluminium Solutions Ltd

Paul Birt

Human Resources Director at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Limited

“Graham’s approach is to focus on proven techniques for developing individuals both in terms of performance and creativity. Over the years I’ve come to expect strong results from Graham’s interventions and am never disappointed.

He is a personal coach who has supported me throughout the last 8 years of my career and has always delivered for me. I have recommended Graham Keen Partnerships on many occasions and will continue to do so in the future.”

Kate Vaughan

Land agent partner at Diamond Estates

“Graham is an inspiring individual with a huge interest in people and their talents, and can bring out the best in any group or person whether for business or personal benefit.”

Richard Olsen

Senior Manager – Finance Transition at Accenture

“Graham has proven a tremendous ability to make a significant footprint in our organisation, making positive and long lasting change to employee engagement – a fundamental condition behind how we can make our company a high performing business.”

"Graham is by far the best organisation development consultant wehave had the pleasure to work with. He has worked closely with individual members of management and the sales team, bringing about a sustained change in performance in these individuals.The results have positively impacted our bottom line and the changes in the team have been long-term. This is the only way to do business and it makes it fun as well!"

John Lindsay

European Distributor Sales Manager

at Bridgestone Firestone Diversified


Mike Andrews

Cost Management Consultant & Overhead Reduction Specialist.

“Graham is an exceptionally personable individual who delivers guaranteed results to businesses and individuals in performance improvement in all parts of their business, home and personal lives.

“The training is extremely effective, sustainable and most importantly evidence based. Best of all it is delivered in a fun and creative manner and I would strongly recommend a conversation with Graham to establish how he may be able to assist you and your business.”

Bernie Price

Owner, Pragmatic People Solutions.

“Graham is a truly inspirational, highly motivational individual who encourages and facilitates deep positive change at a personal, team and organisational level unlocking the potential for a positive high performance mindset as a critical enabler to creating commercial business success.

“He provides a winning formula for continued sustainability of personal growth and business transformation and provides great insights and wisdom along with a great sense of humour, fun and fabulous energy.

“He is a delight to work with a makes a real difference to people and organisations.”

Wendy Wilson-Bett

Co-Owner and Joint MD Peters Yard Ltd

“I have attended training events led by Graham both while I worked at Cadbury Schweppes and more recently at Peter’s Yard. He is an excellent trainer who has an in-depth knowledge and passion for business and personal development and a desire to make positive interventions in business which impact the bottom line. In addition to a sharp intellect, he has a charismatic style which makes events fun as well as factual. His ability to give you clear and honest feedback is also refreshing and constructive.”

Peter Schofield

Formerly Marketing Director at Lloyds Auto Lease. Programme Tutor at Aston University

“Graham and his team deliver a completely unique and extremely powerful programme which will be genuinely career changing and in many cases life changing for anyone who is receptive to the message and is willing to develop some new positive behaviours. The approach is very logical and leaves you thinking “why didn’t someone tell me this stuff before?”

“When I first heard Graham describe how his approach to delivering behavioural change in individuals and organisations would have a greater and more sustainable impact that any similar programme I was impressed by his sales and marketing pitch but sceptical about whether he would deliver on these bold commitments. Having been fortunate enough to attend one of Graham’s programmes I can say without hesitation that he absolutely does deliver.

“Unlike most training of its type, the approach is very well grounded and strongly based on the most recent findings from neuroscience and applied psychology. This allows Graham to demonstrate convincingly why most of our attempts at changing behaviour either fail or only work for a limited period. More importantly he is able to show how a better understanding of how your brain works allows you to develop new behaviours which will deliver sustainable improvement in any aspect of your performance which you wish to change.”

Carina Harders

Senior Director, Business Solution Delivery, Oticon

“Graham Keen has delivered two personal development programmes to my organisation which I have been involved in, one to a specific project group facing a challenging situation involving parts of our organisation and one to our entire management group (80 people). The programmes contributed significantly to lifting employee engagement levels and raising our performance to an even higher level.

“The philosophy behind Graham Keen Partnerships builds on enabling long-term, sustainable change and improvement in performance at both the individual and organisational level and provides the participants with tools and techniques which will benefit them on both the professional and personal side. I strongly recommend GKP to any professional individual or organisation who wants to achieve personal development and reach their full performance potential.

“Graham is a very dedicated, energetic and all-the-way-through positive coach who tailors the programme to meet your specific needs.

“Of all the training which I have had the privilege to take in my professional career, this has had by far the biggest impact and positive effect on me.”

Robert Kenworthy

Group Facilities Director at Ralph Trustees Ltd

[Hotels including the Athenaeum & The 5* Grove in London]

“The New Impetus programme does exactly that – gives you countless ways of gaining new impetus’ to your personal performance and development. The days spent on the actual tutored programme are fantastic for allowing you to better understand some of the habits and styles that you already possess and for allowing you to understand different and more productive styles for better managing and motivating yourself and others and enhancing your own performance.

“The course also provides so many ways to then allow you to continue to learn and develop after the programme which means that actually the learning and development curve from the New Impetus programme is sustained well after the programme, and is far more reaching than just a training programme.

“The format of the programme is challenging, informative, fun and intensive and it is delivered in a manner which allows you to understand and challenge and consider different perspectives. A fantastic programme for someone who is open minded, wants to progress, is happy to look at ways in which they can develop and is committed to dedicating time after the programme to making it happen.”

Adrian Harvey

Entrepreneur. MD & Owner, Clever Nelly. Formerly Managing Director at EON Property Services

“Graham is unique, an expert in his field and has a wealth of invaluable first hand business experience. I got lucky and was able to persuade him to act as my personal coach at a time when I needed development, a sounding board and an intelligent, articulate advisor.

“Graham’s intellect is prodigious and his style, whilst bundled in good humour is personally very challenging and enormously effective. Graham was able to help me make some monumental career decisions and I would not be enjoying my career as I am without his interventions.

“I also hired Graham in to help with the management development of the team at EON. It was truly transformational and I know of no other ‘training’ that has had such profound, positive, long lasting impact on so varied a cross section of management.

“Graham has become a friend and advisor and I would recommend him to any Executive looking for a step change in personal performance or seeking help and assistance transforming the impact and effectiveness of his/her team. If you want to get what you have always got hire another; if you are personally prepared to make the effort and want real performance improvement, hire Graham.”

“Graham is, in my humble opinion, the best in the world at what he does. A man of the highest personal & professional integrity who has helped our businesses on more than one occasion, often when we are in a really tough spot with a very challenging assignment.

For example: we are closing this business Graham, would you like to come along and help us find the positives and a way forward to support the team at this very tough time? Which he duly did! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Chris Davis

Chairman at Dunlop Systems & Components Ltd

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