If you are looking to improve your workplace culture, become a better leader, and find ways to really get the best out of your teams as we move forward out of the pandemic, communication is the place to start. By this, we don’t mean simply the number of times a day you send an email to a subordinate. Nor are we referring to your ability to host a team meeting Zoom call once a week.

Effective communication as a leader is not just about the amount or the way that you talk to your staff, but the way you speak to yourself too.

In our recent blog; the power of positive self-talk, we mentioned one important method for honing a more positive version of yourself. But there are many more secrets to great leadership that you can unlock through positive thinking, and we’ll share three more in this blog.

You are the product of you.

Every moment of every day, your brain uses the thoughts and words you say and think to yourself to program you. This is how conditioning works, and it’s the most important factor in bringing about change that results in success – not just in business leadership, but in your personal life too.

Since we’re constantly programming our future selves through the things we think and say about ourselves and about the world around us, it is up to us to pull in the reins and make sure we’re headed in the right direction. So how do you take control of this conditioning? Here are three ideas you can put into practice in your workplace right away.

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1. Prime yourself positively

Don’t forget that you are self-priming every second, and the way you verbally respond to challenges will affect your behaviour during the fall-out. So reframe the way you speak and think going into inherently negative or uncomfortable situations.

Resolution: Say, “Nobody loves these situations but I know I’ll handle it well” ahead of a termination interview rather than focusing on how much you hate that part of the job.

2. Avoid snake words

Many of the words we commonly use work subtly as negative triggers to unwholesome thinking and unhelpful talking. Words like “tricky” and “struggle” prime us for negative thinking and take the edge off our ability to succeed every time we use them.

Resolution: Replace “struggle” with “adventure”, “problem” with “opportunity”, and “but” with “and”.

3. Stop ranting!

Some people think that getting things off your chest is useful for moving forward. In fact, the opposite is true, and doing so merely reinforces the things you rant about in your self-concept.

Resolution: Talk about the solution rather than the problem and describe the relief you wish you could experience, rather than the pain you’re going through.

There are many other ways you can re-examine your self-talk and home in on a more positive workplace culture that thrives on the other side of Coronavirus. Check out our founder’s bestselling book on Amazon: Positive Leaders, Positive Change to find out more.